We have previously reported that the amino acid sequence of the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (CALLA, CD10) translated from a normal human kidney cDNA clone is identical to that of neutral endopeptidase (NEP, EC In this study, we show that by flow cytometry, a monoclonal antibody (135A3) produced against rabbit NEP reacted selectively with leukemia and melanoma cell lines expressing CALLA on their surface. A glycoprotein of apparent Mr 100,000 was immunoprecipitated from surface labeled NALM-1 leukemia or Mel-1477 melanoma cells with monoclonal antibodies to NEP (135A3) or CALLA (44C10). mRNAs hybridizing to a NEP-specific probe were present in CALLA+ leukemia and melanoma cell lines, but absent from CALLA- lines. NEP enzymatic activity was detected on intact cells from CALLA+ lines, but not CALLA- lines. The activity was blocked by two selective inhibitors of NEP, thiorphan and phosphoramidon. CALLA antigen purified from the NALM-6 leukemic cell line by affinity to 44C10-IgG Sepharose retained a peptidase activity that was completely blocked by thiorphan and phosphoramidon. Thus the CALLA antigen present at the surface of leukemia and melanoma cell lines is an enzymatically active neutral endopeptidase.


C V Jongeneel, E J Quackenbush, P Ronco, P Verroust, S Carrel, M Letarte


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