The metabolism of apoprotein B-containing plasma lipoproteins by human splanchnic tissues has been studied in 29 men undergoing coronary angiography. Before catheterization autologous radio-iodinated lipoproteins were infused into a peripheral vein: 10 subjects received 125I-labeled Sf 12-60 lipoproteins; 12 received 125I-labeled Sf 12-60 plus 131I-labeled Sf 100-400 lipoproteins; and 7 received 125I-labeled Sf 12-60 plus 131I-labeled Sf 0-12 lipoproteins. Paired arterial and hepatic vein blood samples were subsequently collected for replicate measurements of apoprotein B (apo B) mass, radioactivity and specific activity in each lipoprotein class. Splanchnic plasma flow was measured with indocyanine green. All studies were conducted after a 14-h overnight fast.


P. R. Turner, N. E. Miller, C. Cortese, W. Hazzard, J. Coltart, B. Lewis


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