We measured the effects of seven consecutive daily infusions of alpha-ketoisocaproate (the alpha-keto analogue of leucine) or leucine itself on urinary urea and total nitrogen excretion during fasting. Two study protocols were undertaken. In protocol I, subjects underwent three separate 14-d fasts: one during which 34 mmol/d of leucine were infused on days 1--7; a second during which 34 mmol/d of alpha-ketoisocaproate were infused on days 1--7; and a third control fast during which no infusions were given. Infusions of alpha-ketoisocaproate significantly reduced daily urine urea nitrogen excretion compared with both the control fasts and the fasts in which leucine was infused (P less than 0.001). This nitrogen-sparing effect of alpha-ketoisocaproate persisted during days 8--14 even though no further infusions were given. Daily urinary urea nitrogen excretion during fasts when leucine was administered did not differ from values observed during control fasts. In protocol II, subjects were starved on two occasions for 14 d. During one fast, infusions of 11 mmol/d of alpha-ketoisocaproate were given on days 1--7; during the control fast, no infusions were given. Daily urine urea nitrogen excretion was lower (P less than 0.001) on days 1--7 and also on days 8--14 of the fast during which alpha-ketoisocaproate was given. The nitrogen-sparing effect of alpha-ketoisocaproate could not be related to changes in circulating levels of amino acids, ketone bodies, or insulin in either protocol. We conclude that alpha-ketoisocaproate infusions decrease the nitrogen wasting of starvation, whereas leucine, studied under identical conditions, does not.


W E Mitch, M Walser, D G Sapir


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