We studied the effects of continuous negative external chest pressure (CNECP) produced by a cuirass appliance on lung water and protein transport in sheep with chronic lung lymphatic fistulas. We compared data obtained during periods of mechanical ventilation (base line) to period of CNECP, using identical ventilatory support. Three groups were studied: six sheep were studied before and after application of CNECP for 1 h (control) and again after induction of a pulmonary vascular permeability defect (PVPD) by infusing live Pseudomonas bacteria (group I); another six sheep were studied under control conditions before and after prolonged application of CNECP for over 4 h (group II); 10 sheep were studied 24 h after a Pseudomonas infusion (PVPD), before and after 4 h of CNECP (group III).


Peter Krumpe, Arnold Bernard Gorin


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