To investigate the role of hepatic glucagon receptors in the hypersensitivity to glucagon observed in insulin-deprived diabetics, liver plasma membranes were prepared from control rats and from streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats some of whom were treated with high-dose and low-dose insulin. The untreated diabetic animals exhibited hyperglycemia, weight loss, hypoinsulinemia, and hyperglucagonemia. High-dose insulin treatment (2 U Protamine-zinc-insulin/100 g per day) resulted in normoglycemia, normal weight gain, mild hyperinsulinemia, and return of glucagon levels toward base line. The low-dose (1 U protamine-zinc-insulin/100 g per day) insulin-treated diabetic group demonstrated chemical changes intermediate between the untreated and the high-dose insulin-treated animals.


Vijay Soman, Philip Felig


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