The influence of plasma free fatty acid (FFA) concentration on the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) was investigated. (a) FFA depression was produced by means of a nicotinic acid (NA) infusion for either 1 or 5 hr in the presence of glucose-induced hyperglycemia. Controls received only saline. (b) FFA depression was also produced by a 90 min NA infusion and then rapid FFA elevation by a lipid-plus-heparin (lipid) infusion. This procedure was compared with a similar NA infusion not followed by lipid. (c) FFA elevation was produced either by a lipid or by a norepinephrine (NE) infusion and then HGH secretion was stimulated by insulin-induced hypoglycemia. Each subject in this group received both the lipid and the NE infusion on seperate days as well as two control tests (insulin alone and NE alone).


Hans-Jürgen Quabbe, Hans-Jürgen Bratzke, Ulrike Siegers, Kadip Elban


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