BACKGROUND. Neoantigen-driven recognition and T cell-mediated killing contribute to tumor clearance following adoptive cell therapy (ACT) with Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs). Yet, how diversity, frequency, and persistence of expanded neoepitope-specific CD8+ T cells derived from TIL infusion products affect patient outcome is not fully determined. METHODS. Using barcoded pMHC multimers, we provide a comprehensive mapping of CD8+ T cells recognizing neoepitopes in TIL infusion products and blood samples from 26 metastatic mela-noma patients who received ACT. RESULTS. We identified 106 neoepitopes within TIL infusion products corresponding to 1.8% of all predicted neoepitopes. We observed neoepitope-specific recognition to be virtually devoid in TIL infusion products given to patients with progressive disease outcome. Moreover, we found that the frequency of neoepitope-specific CD8+ T cells in TIL infusion products correlated with in-creased survival, and that detection of engrafted CD8+ T cells in post-treatment (i.e. originating from the TIL infusion product) were unique to responders of TIL-ACT. Finally, we found that a transcriptional signature for lymphocyte activity within the tumor microenvironment was associated with a higher frequency of neoepitope-specific CD8+ T cells in the infusion product. CONCLUSIONS. These data support previous case studies of neoepitope-specific CD8+ T cells in melanoma, and indicate that successful TIL-ACT is associated with an expansion of neoepitope-specific CD8+ T cells. FUNDING. NEYE Foundation; European Research Council; Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship; Carlsberg Foundation.


Nikolaj Pagh Kristensen, Christina Heeke, Siri A. Tvingsholm, Annie Borch, Arianna Draghi, Michael D. Crowther, Ibel Carri, Kamilla K. Munk, Jeppe Sejerø Holm, Anne-Mette Bjerregaard, Amalie Kai Bentzen, Andrea M. Marquard, Zoltan Szallasi, Nicholas McGranahan, Rikke Andersen, Morten Nielsen, Göran B. Jönsson, Marco Donia, Inge Marie Svane, Sine Reker Hadrup


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