The potential deleterious role of the proaggregatory vasoconstrictor, thromboxane A2, in endotoxic shock was investigated in rats. Plasma thromboxane A2 was determined by radioimmunoassay of its stable metabolite thromboxane B2. After intravenous administration of Salmonella enteritidis endotoxin (20 mg/kg), plasma thromboxane B2 levels increased from nondetectable levels (<375 pg/ml) in normal control rats to 2,054±524 pg/ml (n = 8), within 30 min to 2,071±429 at 60 min, and decreased to 1,119±319 pg/ml, at 120 min. Plasma levels of prostaglandin E also increased from 146±33 pg/ml in normal controls (n = 5) to 2,161±606 pg/ml 30 min after endotoxin (n = 5).


J. A. Cook, W. C. Wise, P. V. Halushka


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