Somatostatin-like immunoreactivity (SLI) has been demonstrated by radioimmunoassay (RIA) in rat serum using an antiserum specific for somatostatin and cross-reacting maximally with the biologically important area on the peptide. The RIA has a sensitivity of 35 pg/ml. SLI dilutes in parallel with synthetic somatostatin standard in the RIA and shows characteristics similar to synthetic somatostatin on Sephadex G-25 (f) gel chromatography eluting largely as a single peak with 1 M acetic acid. Significant regional differences in serum SLI are present. A positive gradient was found in paired samples from aorta (mean±SEM, 0.304±0.024 ng/ml) and portal vein (0.495±0.047 ng/ml) consistent with the known presence of somatostatin in gut and pancreas, and a negative gradient was noted between paired samples from portal vein (0.523±0.076 ng/ml) and hepatic vein (0.290±0.048 ng/ml) indicating hepatic clearance. No significant differences were demonstrated between aorta and confluence of cerebral venous sinuses or between aorta and inferior vena cava (IVC). After intragastric glucose, a significant and marked elevation of portal SLI was observed, maximal at 5 min (0.416±0.137 vs. 1.55±0.30 ng/ml at 5 min). A significant biphasic elevation of portal SLI also occurred after intravenous glucose. After both routes of glucose administration, the patterns of portal SLI followed closely those of portal glucose and insulin. By contrast, IVC SLI failed to reflect these changes.


M. Berelowitz, S. Kronheim, B. Pimstone, B. Shapiro


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