Platelets are a rich source for the study of inositol lipids in man. The substitution of an EDTA-KCl solution for the water component of the Bligh and Dyer procedure permitted quantitative extraction of polyphosphoinositides. The latter, with monophosphoinositide, were found to comprise, on a molar basis, 6.7% of total platelet phospholipids. Study of the incorporation of orthophosphate-32P into platelet phospholipids was further simplified by separating eight 32P-labeled lipids, including the inositides, with a single chromatographic development on formaldehyde-treated paper. Particular attention was paid to the influence of ionic environment on the pattern and degree of labeling.


Phin Cohen, M. Johan Broekman, Arie Verkley, Johannes W. W. Lisman, Arie Derksen


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