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Research Article

Human renal carcinoma cells produce hypercalcemia in the nude mouse and a novel protein recognized by parathyroid hormone receptors.

G J Strewler, R D Williams and R A Nissenson

Published March 1983

When grown in nude mice, cultured renal carcinoma cells from a hypercalcemic patient produced marked hypercalcemia that was reversed by resection of tumor. Conditioned medium from this cell line contained a protein with activity in a renal adenylate cyclase bioassay for parathyroid hormone (PTH) which was blocked by the competitive PTH antagonist [8norleucyl, 18norleucyl, 34tyrosinyl]bPTH (3-34)amide. However, the biologically active protein was eluted from gel filtration columns as a larger molecular size component that PTH and was not recognized by any of four region-specific PTH antisera. The properties of this factor resemble those of the postulated PTH-like substance(s) in humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy.


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