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Using circulating mononuclear cells as a readily available tissue and using the rate of high affinity degradation of 125-I-labeled low density lipoprotein (LDL) as an index of cell surface LDL receptor activity, we have measured receptor activity in cells from 53 individuals. This group includes 32 healthy subjects, 15 subjects with the heterozygous form of familial hypercholesterolemia, and 6 subjects with hyperlipidemic disorders other than familial hypercholesterolemia. 7 of the healthy subjects and 10 of the heterozygotes were members of a single large kindred with five-generation transmission of the mutant familial hypercholesterolemia gene. LDL receptor activity was assayed in blood mononuclear cells under two sets of conditions. First, 125I-LDL degradation was measured in purified lymphocytes that had been incubated for 3 days in the absence of lipoproteins so as to induce a high level of LDL receptor activity. Phase-contrast autoradiograms of cells incubated with 125I-LDL and electron micrographs of cells incubated with ferritin-labeled LDL confirmed the existence of LDL receptors on lymphocytes. Second, 125I-LDL degradation was measured in mixed mononuclear cells (85-90% lymphocytes and 5-15% monocytes) immediately after their isolation from the bloodstream. This assay represented an attempt to assess the number of receptors actually expressed on the cells when they were in the circulation. Under both sets of conditions, cells from the familial hypercholesterolemia heterozygotes expressed an average of about one-half the normal number of LDL receptors. The current findings are consistent with the conclusion that heterozygotes with familial hypercholesterolemia possess only one functional allele at the LDL receptor locus and that the consequent deficiency of LDL receptors produces the clinical syndrome of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia.


D W Bilheimer, Y K Ho, M S Brown, R G Anderson, J L Goldstein


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