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Analysis of HL-A antigens in patients with Hodgkin's disease and their families

John F. Forbes and Peter J. Morris

Tissue Transplantation Laboratories, Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, 3050Cancer Institute, Melbourne, Australia

Published May 1972

The HL-A phenotypes of 127 patients with Hodgkin's disease have been determined. A very significant association has been found between Hodgkin's disease and two HL-A antigens, HL-A11 (P < 0.009), and W5 (P < < 0.0005). The families of 40 of these patients were genotyped for HL-A antigens. A normal mendelian segregation of the relevant antigen was found in all 12 families of HL-All positive patients and in 6 of 8 families of W5 positive patients. These findings suggest that certain Hodgkin's patients have a genetically determined susceptibility to their disease. It is postulated that this susceptibility could be due to linkage between HL-A genes and genes controlling immune responsiveness. Analysis of subgroups of Hodgkin's patients based on age, sex, and pathology suggests that these HL-A associations are most marked in certain subgroups.

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