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Multicompartmental Analysis of Calcium Kinetics in Normal Adult Males*

R. Neer, M. Berman, L. Fisher and L. E. Rosenberg

Metabolism Branch, National Cancer Institute, and the Mathematical Research Branch, National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md.

Present address: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass.

Address requests for reprints to Dr. L. E. Rosenberg, Dept. of Medicine, Yale University Medical School, New Haven, Conn.

* Submitted for publication August 8, 1966; accepted May 8, 1967.

Published August 1967

This report describes studies of calcium kinetics in ten normal young men. Serum, urinary, and fecal radioactivity was measured from 1 minute to 20 days after intravenous tracer 47Ca injection, and these results were analyzed jointly with data obtained from a simultaneous metabolic balance study, using digital computer techniques. Surface radioactivity measurements were also obtained to gain further insight into the anatomic correlates of the tracer distribution. The data were satisfied by a model with four exchanging compartments. Series, branching, and mammillary models were analyzed. Several parameters of physiologic interest were independent of the model, but two were dependent on the duration of the study. Individual and mean values for these kinetic analyses are presented with their statistical uncertainties. These studies present detailed analyses in a healthy, normal population and provide a reference for future studies of skeletal metabolism and serum calcium homeostasis.


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