Interactions between IgG Fc and its receptors (FcγRs) have been shown to augment broadly neutralizing Ab–mediated (BnAb-mediated) protection from simian-human immunodeficiency virus (SHIV) challenge. In the current issue of the JCI, Parsons and collaborators compared the BnAb PGT121 with a version engineered to have impaired FcγR binding for their ability to protect macaques from an intravenous challenge with SHIV-infected cells as well as to treat already infected animals. Unexpectedly, and in contrast to previous studies, both versions of the Ab were equally able to prevent infection and decrease viral loads in infected animals. Thus, FcγR engagement does not always improve the in vivo antiviral activity of BnAbs.


Donald Forthal, Andrés Finzi


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