Local production of growth factors may play a major role in vascular repair after injury. We examined the regulation of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and its specific membrane receptor in balloon-denuded rat aorta. Aortic IGF-I mRNA and radioimmunoassayable IGF-I content increased severalfold after balloon denudation with a peak at 7 d after injury. This coincided with a reciprocal 25% decrease in IGF-I receptor mRNA content and a 40% decrease in total 125I-IGF-I binding. Scatchard analysis indicated a single class of binding sites, with a decrease in receptor number at 7 d compared to control and no change in affinity. By in situ hybridization the predominant site of IGF-I expression in the normal and the denuded vessel wall was the medial smooth muscle cell. After denudation there was a relative decrease in IGF-I receptor mRNA in the medial cells as compared to the neointima, suggesting that the site of IGF-I action was predominantly in the medial layer. These data suggest that local expression and action of IGF-I are significant in the promotion of smooth muscle cell proliferation after arterial injury.


M J Khorsandi, J A Fagin, D Giannella-Neto, J S Forrester, B Cercek


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