the stimulation of lymphocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients with pokeweed mitogen produces a large number of plasma cells that express the dominant cross-reactive idiotype previously found on monoclonal IgM anti-gamma-globulins from patients with mixed cryoglobulinemia. Similar experiments with the cells of normal individuals show a much lower percentage of these cells with a lower intensity of staining with the fluorescent reagents utilized. Efforts to demonstrate rheumatoid factor in the same cells by fluorescent staining with aggregated gammaglobulin were entirely unsuccessful. This also proved to be the case for pokeweed mitogen-stimulated cells from the mixed cryoglobulinemic patients with large amounts of rheumatoid factor in the serum, despite high percentages of cells expressing the cross-reactive idiotype and also the individual idiotype. On the other hand, native plasma cells from synovial tissue of rheumatoid arthritis patients showed some cells with both the cross-reactive idiotype and aggregate staining. The exact reason for the failure to demonstrate rheumatoid factor by aggregate staining in pokeweed mitogen-stimulated cultures remains to be determined despite considerable effort to resolve the problem. The most likely possibility is that these plasma cells are relatively immature and have not accumulated polymeric IgM in their cytoplasm to the degree seen in synovial tissue plasma cells. The monomeric forms are readily recognized by the antiidiotypic antibodies and these reagents appear to be of particular value for cellular studies of this type.


V R Bonagura, H G Kunkel, B Pernis


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