Previous studies are in conflict over the effect of infusing mixed fibrinogen-fibrin degradation products on fibrinogen synthesis, as determined by changes in fibrinogen concentration or by incorporation of labeled amino acids into fibrinogen. We have injected purified homologous fragments D1 and E into rats and measured their fibrinogen and albumin synthetic rates by the [14C]carbonate technique, a method that provides quantitative estimates of hepatic secretory protein synthesis. Fibrinogen fractional synthetic rates were increased 2.5 times in animals injected with fragment D1, compared with saline-injected controls. No increase were observed in fragment E-injected animals. Neither fragment produced changes in albumin synthesis. Fragment D increased plasma fibrinogen concentration, but did not raise plasma haptoglobin levels. These results suggest that fragment D is a regulator of fibrinogen synthesis.


J J Franks, R E Kirsch, L O Frith, L R Purves, W T Franks, J A Franks, P Mason, S J Saunders


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