The influence of previous exposure to glucose on the subsequent B- and A2-cell secretory responses to arginine was investigated in the perfused pancreas of the rat. Arginine (8 mM) was administered in two brief (9 min) pulses separated by a period of 66 min. In pancreata from 18-h-fasted animals the two pulses of arginine elicited biphasic glucagon secretory responses, while stimulation of insulin release was barely detectable. When 27.7 mM glucose was administered for 30 min during the intervening period up to 20 min before the second pulse of arginine, the glucagon response to arginine was diminished by 55% while the insulin release was markedly increased in comparison with the first pulse. 8.3 mM glucose, when administered before the second pulse of arginine, exerted effects that were smaller but otherwise similar to those of 27.7 mM glucose.


Valdemar Grill, Ulf Adamson, Margareta Rundfeldt, Sten Andersson, Erol Cerasi


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