Glucogon immunoreactivity (IRG) was measured in plasma of duodenopancreatectomized subjects with a nonspecific (K-4023) and a specific (30-K) glucagon antiserum. After an overnight fast, plasma IRG (K-4023) was significantly (P < 0.05) higher in the subjects without pancreas, averaging 782±79 (SEM) pgeq/ml, than in the controls (482±80 pgeq/ml). IRG (30-K) of 162±68 pg/ml did not change during an infusion of arginine (450 mg/kg per 40 min). Insulin deprivation during 3 d in one patient did not restore the IRG response to arginine as reported in depancreatized dogs.


Walter A. Muller, Michael Berger, Peter Suter, Hans J. Cüppers, Jürgen Reiter, Thomas Wyss, Peter Berchtold, Felix H. Schmidt, Jean-P. Assal, Albert E. Renold


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