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ChIP sequencing of cyclin D1 reveals a transcriptional role in chromosomal instability in mice

Mathew C. Casimiro, Marco Crosariol, Emanuele Loro, Adam Ertel, Zuoren Yu, William Dampier, Elizabeth A. Saria, Alex Papanikolaou, Timothy J. Stanek, Zhiping Li, Chenguang Wang, Paolo Fortina, Sankar Addya, Aydin Tozeren, Erik S. Knudsen, Andrew Arnold and Richard G. Pestell

Published May 1, 2013

Original citation: J. Clin. Invest. 2012;122(3):833–843. doi:10.1172/JCI60256.

Citation for this corrigendum: J. Clin. Invest. 2013;123(5):2332. doi:10.1172/JCI70042.

The authors inadvertently omitted a funding source from the Acknowledgments section. The correct Acknowledgments section is below.

This work was supported in part by Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation awards BCTR0504227 (to C. Wang) and PDF2000167 (to A. Arnold); by NIH grants R01CA70896, R01CA75503, R01CA86072, and R01CA13749 (to R.G. Pestell), R01CA55909 (to A. Arnold), and R01CA12934 (to E.S. Knudsen); by the China Scholarship Council; by a Pennsylvania Department of Health grant (to C. Wang and R.G. Pestell); and by the Murray-Heilig Fund in Molecular Medicine (to A. Arnold). Work conducted at the Kimmel Cancer Center was supported by NIH Cancer Center Core grant P30CA56036 (to R.G. Pestell). The Pennsylvania Department of Health specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations, or conclusions.

The authors regret the error.