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Lawrence J. Marnett, James N. Riggins, James D. West


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A Mixture of Histidine-Dipeptides, Vitamin C, and Ferulic Acid Reduces Comet Assay Scores in Normal Middle-Aged Men
N Yanai, T Niitsuma, S Shiotani, S Hagiwara, H Nabetani
Food Science and Technology Research 2014
Diet, Exercise, and Chronic Disease: The Biological Basis of Prevention
J Cannizzo
Diet, Exercise, and Chronic Disease: The Biological Basis of Prevention 2014
The Oxygen-Rich Postnatal Environment Induces Cardiomyocyte Cell-Cycle Arrest through DNA Damage Response
BN Puente, W Kimura, SA Muralidhar, J Moon, JF Amatruda, KL Phelps, D Grinsfelder, BA Rothermel, R Chen, JA Garcia, CX Santos, SW Thet, E Mori, MT Kinter, PM Rindler, S Zacchigna, S Mukherjee, DJ Chen, AI Mahmoud, M Giacca, PS Rabinovitch, A Asaithamby, AM Shah, LI Szweda, HA Sadek
Cell 2014
Radical acylation of L-lysine derivatives and L-lysine-containing peptides by peroxynitrite-treated diacetyl and methylglyoxal
R Tokikawa, C Loffredo, M Uemi, MT Machini, EJ Bechara
Free Radical Research 2014
Non-Linear Adaptive Phenomena which Decrease the Risk of Infection After Pre-Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation
SM Mortazavi, M Motamedifar, G Namdari, M Taheri, AR Mortazavi, N Shokrpour
Dose-Response 2013
Bifunctional electrophiles cross-link thioredoxins with redox relay partners in cells
MR Naticchia, HA Brown, FJ Garcia, AM Lamade, SL Justice, RP Herrin, KA Morano, JD West
Chemical Research in Toxicology 2013
Genomic phenotyping by barcode sequencing broadly distinguishes between alkylating agents, oxidizing agents, and non-genotoxic agents, and reveals a role for aromatic amino acids in cellular recovery after quinone exposure
JP Svensson, LQ Pesudo, SK McRee, Y Adeleye, P Carmichael, LD Samson
PloS one 2013
Role of Lipid Peroxidation-Derived α, β-Unsaturated Aldehydes in Vascular Dysfunction
SE Lee, YS Park
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2013
Role of lipid peroxidation-derived α, β-unsaturated aldehydes in vascular dysfunction
SE Lee, YS Park
Oxidative Medicine & Cellular Longevity 2013
Genome integrity, stem cells and hyaluronan
Z Darzynkiewicz, EA Balazs
Aging 2012
Attenuation of constitutive DNA damage signaling by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3
HD Halicka, H Zhao, J Li, F Traganos, GP Studzinski, Z Darzynkiewicz
Aging 2012
Intensification of Doxorubicin-Related Oxidative Stress in the Heart by Hypothyroidism Is Not Related to the Expression of Cytochrome P450 NADPH-Reductase and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase, As Well As Activity of Xanthine Oxidase
J Dudka, F Burdan, A Korga, M Iwan, B Madej-Czerwonka, M Cendrowska-Pinkosz, A Korobowicz-Markiewicz, B Jodlowska-Jedrych, W Matysiak
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity 2012
Structural insights into the redox-switch mechanism of the MarR/DUF24-type regulator HypR
GJ Palm, BK Chi, P Waack, K Gronau, D Becher, D Albrecht, W Hinrichs, RJ Read, H Antelmann
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Characterization of 4-HNE Modified L-FABP Reveals Alterations in Structural and Functional Dynamics
RL Smathers, KS Fritz, JJ Galligan, CT Shearn, P Reigan, MJ Marks, DR Petersen
PloS one 2012
Surprising unreactivity of cholesterol-5,6-epoxides towards nucleophiles
MR Paillasse, N Saffon, H Gornitzka, S Silvente-Poirot, M Poirot, P Medina
Journal of lipid research 2012
Which NADPH Oxidase Isoform Is Relevant for Ischemic Stroke? The Case for Nox 2
T Kahles, RP Brandes
Antioxidants & Redox Signaling 2012
The role of redox mechanisms in hepatic chronic wound healing and fibrogenesis
E Novo, M Parola
Fibrogenesis & Tissue Repair 2012
The association of plasma fluorescent oxidation products and chronic kidney disease: a case-control study
CM Rebholz, T Wu, LL Hamm, R Arora, IE Khan, Y Liu, CS Chen, KT Mills, S Rogers, MA Kleinpeter, EE Simon, J Chen
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Synthetic oleanane triterpenoids: multifunctional drugs with a broad range of applications for prevention and treatment of chronic disease
KT Liby, MB Sporn
Pharmacological reviews 2012
A comparative 'bottom up' proteomics strategy for the site-specific identification and quantification of protein modifications by electrophilic lipids
B Han, M Hare, S Wickramasekara, Y Fang, CS Maier
Journal of Proteomics 2012
Small molecule activators of the heat shock response: chemical properties, molecular targets, and therapeutic promise
JD West, Y Wang, KA Morano
Chemical Research in Toxicology 2012
Metabolic impact of 4-hydroxynonenal on macrophage-like RAW 264.7 function and activation
RS Harry, LA Hiatt, DW Kimmel, CK Carney, KC Halfpenny, DE Cliffel, DW Wright
Chemical Research in Toxicology 2012
Genomic rearrangements leading to overexpression of aldo-keto reductase YafB of Escherichia coli confer resistance to glyoxal
M Kwon, J Lee, C Lee, C Park
Journal of bacteriology 2012
Increased Radioresistance to Lethal Doses of Gamma Rays in Mice and Rats after Exposure to Microwave Radiation Emitted by a GSM Mobile Phone Simulator
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New synthetic triterpenoids: potent agents for prevention and treatment of tissue injury caused by inflammatory and oxidative stress
MB Sporn, KT Liby, MM Yore, L Fu, JM Lopchuk, GW Gribble
Journal of Natural Products 2011